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Nearby Activities:

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Hiking, climbing, bicycling, local winery, beach (6 miles)


The most surprising of the locality are its austere landscapes, hung with impressive ravines and vestiges of volcanic activity, with its characteristic ocher tones. We recommend the walk relaxed by its natural riches and its beautiful caves.

Proposal of some routes for travelers: Arico El Nuevo (Barranco del Lere); Barranco del Río (Dam and surrounding areas); Icor (El Bueno, the pine tree); Counter. (Playground); Fuente del Llano (Recreational Area); Old Royal Road of Arico; Cumbres de Abona County Winery (You can get some of the best white and organic wines from the Canary Islands).


The ravines of Arico is one of the most beautiful climbing areas with a unique personality of the whole European Union. It is the largest sports climbing area in Tenerife, with about 200 open roads over volcanic rock. Without being a great school, its walls and its particular location make it an obligatory destination for climbers and hikers. It is a quiet place with a particular landscape, which deserves a trip to the island just by climbing here.

Interesting places:
Historical groups: Arico El Nuevo (Historical Ethnographic and Architectural Set), Ieret Village and Villa de Arico (parish church early 17th century).

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